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Elfsys Grow Kit V1.2

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Package includes:

Grows Up to 28 Plants.

- 1x Primary Grow Container
- 1x Secondary Grow Container
- 6x Full Spectrum Led Grow Light
- 28x Planting Basket
- 24x Hole Covers (v1.2 new)
- 1x Elfsys Grow Power Strip
- 1x Water Pump
- 2x Ceramsite
- 4x Universal Wheel With Lock
Grows Up to 42 Plants.

- 1x Primary Grow Container
- 2x Secondary Grow Container
- 9x Full Spectrum Led Grow Light
- 42x Planting Basket
- 36x Hole Covers (v1.2 new)
- 1x Elfsys Grow Power Strip
- 1x Water Pump
- 3x Ceramsite
- 4x Universal Wheel With Lock
The V1.3 4-Layer System is in stock!
Check out V1.3 Grow Kit

Grows Up to 56 plants.

- 1x Primary Grow Container
- 1x Water Pump
- 3x Secondary Grow Container
- 12x Full Spectrum Led Grow Light
- 56x Planting Basket
- 48x Hole Covers
- 1x Draining Pipe
- 1x Elfsys Grow Power Strip
- 4x Ceramsite
- 4x Universal Wheel With Lock
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Cloud-Controlled Smart Garden.

  • Smart Vertical Garden: Grow 56 Plants in Just 2 sq-ft
  • Installation Made Easy & Maintenance a Breeze
  • Freedom to Grow Anything, No Expensive Refills Required
  • Automated Lighting & Watering Optimized for Each Grow Stage
  • Smartphone App for Convenient Control & Monitoring
  • Made with Food Safe uPVC and ABS
  • Upgradable & Moddable System for Future-Ready Gardening


1 Begin Your Journey

Choose your preferred grow template, sow your seeds, and embark on your indoor gardening adventure.

2 Watch Them Flourish

Provide regular water and nutrients, then sit back as you witness the speedy and automated growth of your plants to maturity.

3 Enjoy the Bounty

Harvest, cook, eat, and repeat! Experiment with an infinite variety of plants. Enjoy the nutritious freshness without refrigeration and harmful chemicals.

Designed for Success in Every Detail

Optimal Nutrient Delivery:

Experience our robust DFT system that prevents clogging and overflow, promoting robust plant growth.

Easy Assembly:

A tool-less, glue-less setup for a hassle-free installation.

Customizable Lighting:

Configure your grow lights for an optimized and dynamic plant environment.

Extended Pump Life:

Our unique mesh and filter system protect your pump from clogs, ensuring longevity.

Simplified Drainage:

Each layer comes with its own drain port, making nutrient maintenance a breeze.

Standard and Reliable:

Equipped with standard T5 Grow Lights and a quiet 5V pump for easy maintenance and reliable growth.

Share Your Grow Templates

The app offers pre-configured templates for different plant types, with dynamic schedules that adapt to each growth stage for light, watering, and other factors to ensure optimal growth. You can also customize your own templates.












Elfsys Grow Kit 3 Layers Model
AG 24
GHK 3.0
LG F36
Price $588.97$841.38 (30% Launch Promo) $819.95 $999 $1249
Dimensions 23.6”W x 13.6”D x 61”H 36”W x 14”D x 24”H 24”W x 12”D x 64”H 22”D x 73”H
Capacity 42 plants 24 plants 30 plants 36 plants
Grow Light Standard 15W T5 2-feet Full Spectrum LED Bars Proprietary 30W Full Spectrum LED Penals Proprietary 60W Full Spectrum LED Bar Proprietary 24W Spectrum LED Ring
Output 120 Watts LED 60 Watts LED 120 Watts LED 96 Watts LED
Smart Features Cloud-controlled with Elfsys Power Strip Embedded automation Embedded automation (monthly subscription) Mechanical timer
App Remote Control App Remote Control & touchscreen Embedded automation for lighting and irrigation Tutorial App with no smart feature
Multi-stage Schedule Single Stage Schedule Single Stage Schedule Manual Schedule
Standard 3 Inches Net Pots Proprietary Seed Pods Proprietary Seed Pods Proprietary Seed Pods
Moddable Dynamic Lighting Dimmable Proprietary Lighting Dimmable Proprietary Lighting Non-dimmable Proprietary Lighting
Moddable with fan and future upgrades Not Moddable Not Moddable Not Moddable
* Moddable AI-Timelapse monitoring No Camera Solution Camera with Live view & Time-lapse No Camera Solution
ROI HIGH Moderate Moderate to Low Low

Considering the criteria of pricing, dimensions, capacity, output, ROI, smart features and long-term cost, the Elfsys Grow Kit stands out with its high capacity, compact size, competitive price, moddable design, AI-powered growth assistant, and over time saving with standard parts.

* We're developing an affordable computer vision solution for plant monitoring and time-lapse. This feature will be offered free to all early-bird customers upon release. Stay tuned!